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Product samples for Shanghai Xinao Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan.

Address: AIM Bld.1F Asano3-8-1 Kokurakita-Ku Kitakyushu city Japan

Open Time: Monday ~ Friday Tokyo 9:30-17:30 (All Year)

Booth No.: 64


Main Products
  • DCS50 Series LGP V-cutter DCS50 Series LGP V-cutter jointly developed by AOKE and Feelis Company in Korea, is equipped with special engrave knife to engrave V-groove on acryl LGP.
    With our product, the LGP after v-cut not only comes with high light converting ratio, equality light and long life span, but also is the first choice for making the thin light box at a cost effective price if under the same lightness. In addition, the LGP made with our equipment can be made into any figures like circle, ellipse, circular arc, and triangle. It is applicable for making huge area LGP with no edge joint...
  • DE0906 Series Shoe Pattern Cutting Plotter DE series shoe pattern cutting plotter used for common cutting accuracy applies imported synchronous belt for power driving. It is equipped spring plotting pen and special cutting knife. The equipment holds the advantages of high speed, convenient use and compatibility with any CAD software. According to the actual requirements, both DE0906 and DE0906N are available for clients. DE0906 series employs vacuum to hold cutting sheet while DE0906N series employs glue mat to hold cutting sheet...